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School Policies

School Policies


Bullying is a concern to all parents. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated at Manly Vale Public School. Bullying thrives on secrecy, so students are encouraged to tell if they feel unhappy or un-safe. The school works very hard to maintain a happy and safe environment. Please see the de-tailed Bullying Policy by following the link below.

Anti-bullying 2017 (docx 27 KB)

Cyber-bullying 2017 (docx 35 KB)


Student Welfare

Manly Vale Public School has a two sided welfare policy dealing with student behaviour both in and outside of the classroom. Firstly is the Recognition and Reinforcement of Student Behaviour Policy which aims to improve self-esteem and therefore the learning potential of all students. There is also the Consequences of Inappropriate Behaviour Policy which ensures that all students are aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and that all teachers use a consistent approach to discipline.

      Recognition and Reinforcement (pdf, 23 KB)                          Consequences of Innappropriate (pdf, 23 KB)


Homework Policy

This document details the expectations for homework at Manly Vale Public School.